5/31/05 - Race 1

Faithful Crew and Friends of Strategery,


Iíve gotten quite a few calls asking how the first race went. It went very well for our first outing. We finished a close 3rd out of 4 entries. Only made 2 mistakes Ė poor start and an early tack on the layline. Iíll take credit for both, and say that other than those errors, we raced a flawless race. The boat is fast, points well and is clearly going to be a contender this season. The fact that we finished 3rd is a testament to the level of competition we will be facing this season. Shawn was a madman on the foredeck, Jim a wizard of spinnaker trim, Dewey (our latest addition to crew) was elbows and finesse working both the jib and pit position, and Chris was his usual steady self on the mainsheet. We made up a significant amount of time on the downwind leg, coming from over 6 minutes behind to an extremely close finish with Uproar taking second and Strategery in third.


Stay tuned for more progress on the racing front. This is a fast ride with a great crew. Having that good a finish with only 2 hours practice time and a boat that is as sensitive to rig setup and tune as the 105 is a fantastic beginning to a great season.