8/2/05 and 8/9/05
Race 9 and 10

Determination and the Windshield.

Faithful friends and crew of Strategery,


I know I’m 2 weeks behind on the updates, so let me dig right in.




After the shellacking we received at the NOOD regatta (see write-up), we came back to Portsmouth with new energy/learnings. This season has been boiling down to Marlen and us, with Uproar in a close following position. Going into the race tied for first, we knew we had to cover Marlen if we were going to be successful.  To make a long story very short, we were over the line early for the 2nd time this year. When you are over early, you have to essentially sail back and restart the race. This is really problematic when you are mid fleet as you are pinned by a large number of boats. Fortunately we were at the pin end of the line. Knowing we were over early (FYI, it's pretty bad when you can tell that from the back of the boat), we turned around and got back to the line. Sailing away on port tack, we started our game of catch-up. We were determined to get back into the race. We were happily able to take advantage of breeze and other boat traffic to almost catch up with Marlen, who finished first. We took a well earned and hard fought second. Great crew work, from Mike on the bow to Dewey on the Main. Mixing things up a bit, we had Chris in the middle, calling tactics and working the pit, and Jim (as always) was a phenom downwind. Whew…that was a close one. Still tied for first for the series after this race.


and the Windshield.


And then last week’s race. As my friend Christopher says “Sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug”. Last week we were the bug. Wasn’t any big thing…was a bunch of little things. A weaker start than we would have liked, kinks in our new lines fouling the spinnaker and jib, tacks that were a bit early…just not our best effort. Couldn’t catch a break. That said, the boat was fast. No complaints with her. Downwind was a blast, with the breeze building and getting us to plane in gusts. We had a ball…wouldn’t have changed anything about the night except the few things I just said. Was a beautiful sunset, the beer was cold for the ride in and we had a great time


We are now in second place for the series. Hopefully this week we’ll be the windshield.  Also, this weekend is the Redhook Regatta here in Portsmouth. Quite a few 105’s will be coming in, so promises to be an exciting event.


Stay tuned