Kim Farrah:


When you boil it down, Kim is responsible for Strategery's existence. Many years ago Kim asked Cliff if he'd rather spend 15k on their first boat or add a deck to the house. Cliff said deck, Kim said "hell no" and the rest is history. Kim has sailed and raced with Cliff and the Strategery team since its inception. Kim matches a killer instinct and competitive drive with a sense of humor that could only come from the great state of Louisiana. A retired Geologist, Chef and Broker, Kim currently raises future Strategery crewmembers, Cameron and Cole.
Cliff Farrah:


At the wheel you will find Cliff...addicted to and obsessed with the great sport of Sailing
Strategery is the 4th sailboat Cliff will helm. Prior boats include a Melges 24, Beneteau First 38 and Spindrift 24. Cliff is a strategy consultant, which makes him too damn smart for his own good (hence the boat name: Strategery).

First and foremost a family man, Cliff is proud to be both Kim's husband and the parent of 2 amazing future racers (currently aged 4 and 2) who send him off with a "win daddy, win" at every race.
Chris Zibailo


Trimming the main and deciding tactics is Chris. A longtime friend, Chris has been instrumental in the teams success over the years. Funny, smart and driven are words used to describe Chris, who matches his sailing ability with an encyclopedic knowledge of the sailing rules
Chris is also the proud owner of a 2004 J109, Superstition, which he berths and races out of Boston harbor. Chris wins points as the most comitted member of the crew, driving an hour every Tuesday night to race with us, then racing every Wednesday and Weekend on his 109 in the harbor. You can also find Chris sailing J24's in the middle of winter in Boston harbor's frostbiting fleet..
Scott Moffatt


Below deck gathering the spinnaker or trimming the Jib you'll find longtime crewmember Scott.
A voice of reason in a sea of testosterone, Scott ensures that things don't get out of hand on the boat.
Definitely a misplaced Southerner, Scott and Kim offer some damn scary humor when things are looking grim. We try to keep them apart as much as possible.

Scott is also the town Vet, and serves as our ships doctor (since we're all animals).

Jim Murphy


When he's not out busting bad guys, Jim (or "big Jim" as he's known to us) is making our boat fly downwind. A master of the chute, Jim lives for speed on the water.
With the Strategery crew since it's inception, Jim is the rock that keeps the boat flat when the wind picks up.
When he is not sailing, Jim serves the community well as Chief of the New Castle police, a member of the Seacoast Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.) and as a member of the coast guard Marine Patrol. Jim is also a competitive powerlifter. You know the song..."you can pull off the mask of the old lone ranger, but you don't mess around with Jim...

Dewey Watkins


The latest member of our team, Dewey is the original J/105 owner in the PSA circut, Dewey is a man of many talents. By day, an easygoing corporate denizen, put him aboard a sailing craft and watch the change roll over him.

The wizard of the jib, Dewey keeps the boat moving fast on the upwind legs. At roundings, all you see are elbows flying as he helps set and trim the chute.

His finesse on the spinnaker controlls on the douse have allowed us to make significant time up on our roundings this year.

Dewey hones his skills by racing with Chris on Wednesdays and weekends aboard Superstition.