CRAIG WILUSZ: Mainsail Trimmer - Crew Chief

"Multihull...trimaran...oh man. Don't do that!"
After: "Holy Crap...this is AWESOME!"

The team's central cog, Craig is a perfectionist in all that he does. Since hitting 19.2 knots on our maiden sail, he hasn't stopped smiling.

A formidable sailor, Craig has sailed/raced his whole life on the Gulf Coast. Craig has the qualities of a world class tactician - analytical mind, encyclopedic memory, boatloads of experience and the reliability of an afternoon breeze in San Fransisco Bay. Craig brings seasoned, calm, forethought to the "neverland" section of the boat (that is where we drive from). We're glad to have him aboard.
TOM GARNER: ALT - Headsail Trimmer

With a mighty "CAW, CAW" Tommy leads the charge!

Tom is responsible for the 3 headsails on the trimaran. The jib, the "screacher" and the spinnaker. What is unreal is how easy he makes this tough role look. Coming up to a rounding? No sweat..., Gotta jibe...jibe ho. I think it, he does it. Is great fun for the helmsman when you don't have to worry about the sail-trim being to your liking.

Favorite moment: Tom's first sail on the new boat - trimming the jib on the low side of the boat. Low mutter of "Oh S--T"...a wall of water jumped up from the ama and drenched him from top to bottom...since then he can't stop grinning.

Tom is another local legend, having sailed with Craig since he was a kid. In fact, Craig tells a great story about how he met Tom...but that's for another time.
Scott Mitchell: Bowman

No...that's not Elvis.

Scott rounds out our crew by owning "Frontierland", or the front of the boat. An avid sailor, Scott is mostly struggling with all the room he has on the bow of this boat! 3 bows to you know that's intimidating.

You know he's good because so far, he hasn't gotten soaked or fallen off. Like the rest of us, Scott's face is frozen with wind ripples and an ear to ear smile.

Good times...
Cliff Farrah: Helm

"What the..."

These were the first words out of my mouth as I had to reset my feet to keep the acceleration from knocking me down. Then they came out of my mouth when we hit 19 knots...
Then they came out of my mouth when we stuffed the bow and the speed went from 19 to 4 knots in the blink of an eye.

This boat is incredible, the crew is strong and we've got high aims.

Stay tuned...

Dave Magee: Headsail Trimmer

He doesn't say much, but when he does you better listen...

Dave is the latest addition to our crew, a new father and a long time multihull sailor. Dave is responsible for the 3 headsails on the boat - jib, screecher and spinnaker. This is a relentlessly demanding role, and Dave gets it done quietly and effectively. If you come watch us race, keep an eye out for his wife Ryan and daughter Reagan who might be chasing us in their fishing boat, giving moral support and a few cold beers if we run out.